Download our Field Guide to Software for Nonprofit Immigration Advocates, Organizers, and Service Providers (PDF)

Download our report: Technology Needs Among Immigrant Rights and Immigration Legal Services Organizations: A Survey of the Field (PDF)


Recorded Trainings and Materials:

Cybersecurity Awareness Training (Recording | PowerPoint)
This training provides a straightforward and practical foundation in cybersecurity awareness for individuals and organizations looking to have a better understanding of the threats they face around cybersecurity and what they can do to mitigate their exposure.

Introduction to the Technology Pyramid: Building a Technology Plan  (Recording | PowerPoint)
This session walks you through the planning process, discusses the differences between strategic and tactical planning, and helps you to  make progress on implementing and maintaining the technology you need right now.
Download the " Hardware Safari " worksheet.

Tech Infrastructure (Recording | PowerPoint)
Learn about the basic building blocks of office technologies and how to manage them. This training covers hardware, security, backup, networking, software, maintenance, and how to support your colleagues.
Download the " Backup Strategy " worksheet and " Tactical Technology Plan " template.

Case Management and Database Systems (Recording | PowerPoint)
Your organization interacts with a lot of different people—volunteers, donors, clients, and more. This session discusses your options for managing their data. In particular, we outline what a case management system can do for you and review options for immigration legal services organizations.

Online Communications (Recording | PowerPoint)
This training discusses the "SMART" communications goals and helps you gain a solid foundation for planning your website, broadcast emails, social media, and how to weave them all together. 
Download the " Online Communications " worksheet.

Program Delivery (Recording | PowerPoint)
This session covers online tools to help you better serve your clients, including online intake, document assembly, self-help resources and tools, remote service delivery options, and more.

Creating and Integrating Your Technology Plan (Recording | PowerPoint)
The goal of this final session is to send you off with what you need to develop a solid plan. We discuss prioritizing projects, the nine steps of a successful project, creating your action plan, funding your technology projects, and implementing your plan.
Download the "Define Your Priority" worksheet."




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