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Getting Started with Immigration

Webinar: Introduction to Immigration Court
This webinar gives an overview and practice pointers on procedures, strategies, and experiences related to providing representation in cases before the Immigration Court.

Training Manual: Introduction to Immigration Law
Overview of the pathways by which immigrants gain status.

Webinar: The Government's Burden of Proof in Immigration Court
The panelists discuss how to examine a Notice to Appear, strategies for responding to the charges on the Notice to Appear, and how to evaluate and challenge the government's evidence against your client.

Practice Advisory: Motions to Suppress Based on Border Abuses
This practice advisory focuses on suppressing evidence obtained unlawfully by CBP officers, including CBP inspectors stationed at ports of entry; and agents operating between ports of entry.



Webinar: Introduction to Asylum Law
This webinar reviews the legal elements of an asylum claim and practical approaches to crafting arguments for various elements.

First Client Meeting Guide
An outline to assist pro bono attorneys and others with their initial meeting with a new asylum client.

Country Conditions Documentation FAQ's
A guide to compiling country conditions documentation to support an asylum claim, including links to commonly used resources.

Asylum and Refugee Issues Library
Resources include, but are not limited to, training materials, practice advisories, sample applications and affidavits, government-issued policy memoranda, significant case law, related articles, checklists and links to additional resources.

Asylum Law Manual
Asylum manual with sample documents to provide a resource to pro bono attorneys taking on an asylum case.


Other Forms of Relief

Chapter on U Visas
This chapter gives an overview of the U Visa for immigrant victims of crime.

Immigration Options for Undocumented Immigrant Children
This collection of factsheets provides information on options for immigrant children, including DACA, SIJS, VAWA, family visas, U visas, citizenship, asylum, and TPS.

Immigration Relief Toolkit
How to quickly spot possible immigration relief.


Get Involved

Volunteer in Minneapolis - Saint Paul
Volunteer with the Minnesota Children and Families Immigration Court Project.

Volunteer in New York
Volunteer in New York on the Adults with Children (“AWC”) Docket, coordinated by Human Rights First.

Volunteer in San Francisco
Volunteer with El Centro Legal de la Raza, Community Legal Services in East Palo Alto (CLSEPA), and members of the San Francisco Immigrant Legal Defense Collaborative (SFILDC).

Volunteer in Dilley, TX (Detention)
Information on how to volunteer in Dilley, TX with the CARA Family Detention Pro Bono Project.

Volunteer in Karnes City, TX (Detention)
Information on how to volunteer in Karnes City, TX with the CARA Family Detention Pro Bono Project.


Community Education Resources for Clients

National Immigration Legal Services Directory
A directory of over 1,000 nonprofit organizations in the United States (English and Español).

Step Forward
This website has “know your rights” materials and community resources (Versión en español).

Guide for People Who are Afraid to Return to Their Country
This document contains information about asylum.

Guide for People Who are Victims of Violence or Crimes
This document contains information about the T Visa, Violence Against Women Act (VAWA), and U Visa.

Guide for People Who have Family Members with Immigration Status
This document contains information about family immigration.

What Happens When I Go to Immigration Court?
An informational video that will help clients learn about what to expect in immigration court and how to prepare to go to immigration court (video in English and Español).

Minnesota Immigration Court Information
Learn what happens at Minneapolis - Saint Paul Immigration Court (Versión en español).

San Francisco Immigration Court Information
Learn what happens at San Francisco Immigration Court (Versión en español).