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OCA-Greater Houston provides free assistance preparing N400 Citizenship applications for individuals with Green cards (Legal Permanent Residents) each month. If you have had your Green card for 5 years (or 3 years if based on marriage to a US Citizen), you can apply for Citizenship. We suggest you come and start preparing your application 4 to 5 months before your 5- or 3-year date of receiving your LPR Status. 1st Saturday each month (unless holiday weekend) | 9:30 am—12:30 pm ** Due to pandemic, forums are currently done ONLINE via Zoom - please have a stable internet connection to join: Information you need to bring with you in order for us to help you prepare your application: N-400 document with as much filled out as possible - Found here under "Forms and Document Downloads": - Send to for review prior to forum Driver's License or ID card Social Security Card Legal Permanent Resident Card (Green card) Past and Current Passports Addresses and Dates of every place you have lived at for the past 5 years (in chronological order starting with the most recent dates) Company and/or School Names, Addresses and Dates of every place you have worked at for the past 5 years (in chronological order starting with the most recent dates). Also include any periods of time you were either a homemaker, student, and/or unemployed List of Dates & Reason for Court Appearance for all traffic tickets or other court related issues (if any) List of all current and past spouses, dates of marriage and divorce, current spouse’s A# if they have one or date of naturalization (citizenship date), their birthdate, and their current residence address Marriage certificate if you are applying for citizenship based on marriage to your spouse for at least 3 years List of all children (biological & stepchildren), their A# if they have one, their birthdate, and their current residence address SNAP Award Letter if you have one and your tax return for last year if you would like us to check if you can qualify for a waiver or discount of the USCIS Application Fees Sign up and Join via Zoom here: For more information & questions, contact Aarica Chambers at (281) 968-9131 or

Counties served: Houston

Services Provided

Areas of immigration legal assistance: Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA), Naturalization/Citizenship
Types of immigration legal services provided: Help completing forms
Other areas of legal assistance: Civil Rights
Non-legal services: Legal Orientation Programs (LOP) / Know Your Rights Presentations (KYR), Referrals to other services
Populations served: Domestic Violence Victims, Individuals with physical/mental disabilities
Languages spoken: Cantonese Chinese, Chinese, English, Mandarin Chinese, Spanish, Vietnamese
Access to a commercial interpreting service or language bank: No
Nominal fee charged? No


Volunteer Coordinator
Aarica Chambers
Other Information We are a volunteer based organization, please leave a voicemail or email.