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New Voice Immigration Assistance Services

  • Location:
    10701 Sampson Ave.
    Lynwood, CA 90262
  • Phone:
    (562) 398-3019
  • Fax:
    (562) 398-3102
  • Contact methods:
    Drop-in, Email, Fax, Mail/Letter, Phone calls, Website, Consultations are available in person, phone, or via zoom.
  • Appointments accepted:

New Voice Immigration Assistance Services provides low and moderate-income people with access to affordable immigration legal services. New Voice is a faith-based nonprofit organization that is recognized by the Department of Justice and is authorized to represent immigration clients before USCIS.  We welcome attorneys and law students to take cases pro bono cases and make referrals when appropriate. We may provide the following immigration legal services to eligible persons: Citizenship / Naturalization Certificate, Green Card Applications / Renewal / Replacement Green cards,  Family Petitions, DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals), TPS new and re-registration, Employment Authorization (for those who qualify), Fee Waivers (for people eligible for Citizenship, Green Card Renewal, Employment Authorization, Certificate of Naturalization), and Foreign Document translation.

Counties served: Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino
Detention Facilities Served: Adelanto Detention Center (CA), James A. Musick Jail (CA), Orange County (CA), Santa Ana City Jail (CA), Theo Lacy Facility (CA), Henderson Detention Center (NV)

Services Provided

Areas of immigration legal assistance: Adjustment of Status, Consular Processing, Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA), Employment authorization, Family-based petitions, Naturalization/Citizenship, Temporary Protected Status (TPS), U visas, Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) petitions
Types of immigration legal services provided: Help completing forms, Filings with USCIS
Other areas of legal assistance: Nonprofit Organizations, Prisoners
Non-legal services: Citizenship / Civics classes, Language services, Legal Orientation Programs (LOP) / Know Your Rights Presentations (KYR), Referrals to other services
Populations served: Detained individuals, Domestic Violence Victims, Farm workers, Human Trafficking Survivors, Individuals who are not in legal immigration status, Individuals with criminal histories, Individuals with physical/mental disabilities, Juveniles, Lesbian, gay, bisexual & transgender
Languages spoken: English, Spanish
Access to a commercial interpreting service or language bank: No
Nominal fee charged? Yes
Other information: If you are interested in volunteering (pro bono legal assistance, visiting, pen pal, prayer, advocacy), please contact our office.