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Promise Arizona

  • Location:
    410 E southern ave
    Phoenix, AZ 85040
  • Phone:
    (602) 288-3663
  • Fax:
    (602) 670-8577
  • Contact methods:
    Drop-in, Email, Fax, Mail/Letter, Phone calls, Website
  • Appointments accepted:

Promise Arizona (PAZ) is a new membership organization whose mission is to recruit, train and support a new generation of leaders from across the state to build a new Arizona, one that will allow all residents to achieve their full potential.

Counties served: Maricopa

Services Provided

Areas of immigration legal assistance: Naturalization/Citizenship
Types of immigration legal services provided: Help completing forms
Non-legal services: ESL
Populations served: Individuals who are not in legal immigration status
Languages spoken: English, Spanish
Access to a commercial interpreting service or language bank: No
Nominal fee charged? Yes