National Immigration Legal Services Directory

Pomona Economic Opportunity Center

  • Location:
    1682 W Mission Blvd
    Pomona, CA 91766
  • Phone:
    (909) 397-4215
  • Fax:
    (909) 622-9880
  • Contact methods:
    Email, Phone calls
  • Appointments accepted:

The Pomona Economic Opportunity Center is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization serving the immigrant community of Pomona and surrounding cities since 1998. This office operates the day labor center in Pomona as well as providing education and services to day laborers in the cities of Rancho Cucamonga, San Bernardino, and Riverside. It is also involved in advocacy for the rights of immigrants and low-wage workers and has been offering low-cost immigration legal services since 2015.

Counties served: Los Angeles, Riverside, San Bernardino

Services Provided

Areas of immigration legal assistance: Naturalization/Citizenship
Types of immigration legal services provided: Help completing forms, Filings with USCIS
Other areas of legal assistance: Civil Rights, Community Development, Consumer, Education, Employment, Housing, Nonprofit Organizations
Non-legal services: Citizenship / Civics classes, Employment services, ESL, Legal Orientation Programs (LOP) / Know Your Rights Presentations (KYR), Legislative advocacy (state or national), Referrals to other services
Populations served: Individuals who are not in legal immigration status, Individuals with criminal histories, Lesbian, gay, bisexual & transgender
Languages spoken: English, French, Spanish
Access to a commercial interpreting service or language bank: No
Nominal fee charged? Yes