Associate Policy Analyst/Policy Analyst, Social Science – U.S. Immigration Policy Program

MPI is an independent, nonpartisan think tank that is focuses uniquely on international migration. We seek to improve immigration and integration policies through authoritative research and analysis, opportunities for learning and dialogue, and the development of new ideas to address complex policy questions. MPI is committed to recruiting, hiring, developing, and retaining staff at all levels who reflect the breadth of experiences, backgrounds, and perspectives in the countries where we work. This breadth of experience encourages diversity of thought that enriches and adds greater credibility to our work. MPI is committed to making sure that staff members of all backgrounds work in an inclusive, equitable environment. 

The U.S. Immigration Policy Program addresses a broad range of immigration issues. Our work is strongly policy focused and draws on both research and relationships with decisionmakers, other experts, and stakeholders across the immigration spectrum, especially—though not exclusively—at the federal level.


  • Systematically track current migration and immigration policy developments.
  • Conduct literature reviews; assist with quantitative and qualitative data collection and analysis, including key interviews, site visits, and other fieldwork; and contribute to or take the lead on analytical research products, ensuring timeliness and accuracy.
  • Contribute to, co-author, or author explanatory and analytical reports, policy briefs, and other research materials, under the guidance of senior staff.
  • Regularly compile needed information from a variety of resources (e.g., meetings, news sources, academic journals, and webinars) to share with the team and other stakeholders.
  • Assist in the organization of public and private roundtables and events (e.g., developing event agendas, drafting invitations, and coordinating with speakers) under the supervision of senior staff and coordinating with MPI’s Senior Events Manager.
  • Support and work with MPI’s intern program and interns, the data team, and MPI’s Communications program.
  • Assist in conceptualizing and writing funding proposals and reports to key donors and partners in support of MPI’s projects.
  • Participate actively as a member of MPI’s staff in institutional planning, internal meetings and discussions, and outside panel and speaking appearances.


At either the Associate Policy Analyst or Policy Analyst level, candidates should have an advanced degree in sociology, political science, economics, or another relevant social science. Candidates who have similar skills through experience are welcome to apply. Candidates must demonstrate strong research, writing, analytical, and communications skills. Typically, an Associate Policy Analyst will have three or more years of relevant work experience. A Policy Analyst will have five or more years of experience with a relevant work history that includes conceptualizing, developing, and implementing projects, reports, and dissemination activities.

  • Strong knowledge of key immigration programs and policies, U.S. governmental and nongovernmental institutions, and relevant legislation. 
  • Academic or professional experience designing and leading a qualitative (interview or focus-group based) or quantitative research project, or a major component of a research project.
  • Academic or professional background involving analyzing and writing research reports that are public policy relevant and developing evidence-based policy ideas and proposals.
  • Excellent English writing skills in varying formats and speaking fluency.
  • Proactive, motivated, curious, collegial. Ability to handle multiple assignments, prioritize, and meet deadlines in an often fast-paced, changing environment.
  • Demonstrated ability to communicate effectively and work both independently and as part of a team.
  • Proven research, organization, and project management skills.
  • Ability to understand and succinctly synthesize the details of complex policy questions and actions.
  • Comfort with collecting, compiling, cleaning, and carefully checking data in Excel.

How to Apply:

Interested candidates should submit a cover letter, resume, and an unedited, sole-authored writing sample to Please reference “APA/PA U.S. Program – Social Science” in the subject line and include a sentence telling us how you heard about this position. When attaching your resume, the saved title should be “[Name] U.S. Program Application.”