New Sanctuary Coalition, (anti)Detention & L.I.F.E. Bond Fund Coordinator

Founded in 2007, New Sanctuary Coalition (NSC) is a multi-faith organization that creates support systems for and empowers those navigating the immigration system. We do this by bringing together citizen volunteers and immigrants – the people we call Friends, not clients – to achieve two primary goals: equip Friends with the knowledge they need to navigate the immigration system and lead the movement, and train and mobilize citizens and faith leaders to support and fight alongside our Friends, advocating for urgently needed changes to the system. NSC’s grassroots programs are designed to shine a light on and disrupt the systems that criminalize immigrants’ existence. Core programs include the pro se immigration clinic, accompaniment, anti-detention & L.I.F.E bond fund, and community organizing and advocacy.

NSC is hiring a Coordinator to oversee the Anti-Detention program and the L.I.F.E. Bond Fund.

  • The (anti)Detention program fights detention while increasing the visibility of immigration detention by developing a strong base of individuals and allies engaged in anti-detention work, including those with personal, lived experience of ICE incarceration.
  • The L.I.F.E. bond fund is used to free our detained Friends from immigration custody once ICE or an immigration judge sets bond and we are notified. Bonds are posted by faith leaders from NSC’s network, and the liberated Friend is connected with NSC’s range of services so they can receive whatever support they need to continue their fight.

This is a full-time, non-exempt position that is currently remote and will be based in NYC when
we return to the office (date TBD).


(anti)Detention Program management:

  • Oversee hotline for detainees and/or their families, including: training and supervising interns/volunteers to conduct intakes over the phone and provide next steps of support for detained Friends.
  • Assist with cases that require legal support by connecting with anti detention volunteer attorneys to do case reviews and pro se document preparation. Help obtain documents that are needed to refer to legal service providers and organizations when needed.
  • Prepare pro se BIA and Circuit Court appeal applications.
  • Solicit letters of support from the NSC community for cases in which our Friends would
    benefit from such as bond hearings and pardon applications.

L.I.F.E Bond Fund coordination:

  • Coordinate travel of the bonded out Friend and connect with the Faith community for support with posting the actual bond and assurance that the Friend has a post-release plan.
  • Make sure all necessary documents are signed and bond receipt is in our possession.
  • Connect Friends with post release support.
  • Work with the Multi Faith Coordinator to orient new Faith Leaders to the program and follow up with Faith Leaders who have posted bonds.
  • Track bonded-out Friend’s case information and request bond money back from DHS once a case is terminated, or if the Friend has an order of removal, refer to anti detention volunteer attorneys.
  • Update our bond tracking sheet, maintain records of all transactions, work with NSC Finance staff.
  • Refer bonds to other funds based on their criteria.

For both programs:

  • Ensure that all data and documentation is accurate and up to date.
  • Collaborate with NSC staff and partner organizations as needed including: Accompaniment Coordinator on special issues of accompaniment for a detained Friend and coordination with families/lawyers, NSC social work team regarding health and social needs including documentation in support of cases and referral to specialized services, Campaign Coordinator to create Defense Committees with the around Friends who are in detention and Friends who are in High Risk of being detained.
  • Create and maintain relationships with partner organizations such as Detention Watch Network (DWN) and the National Bond Fund (NBF).


  • Fluent English and Spanish speaker
  • Experience working with people affected by and/or understanding of immigration and detention issues
  • Ease in communicating with a broad range of people (e.g. Friends in detention and their loved ones, volunteers, attorneys, colleagues in the field), both speaking and writing.
  • Strong organizational skills
  • Ability to handle the shifting contexts and nuances coalition building entails
  • Comfortable under pressure and flexible re: duties
  • Creative, open-minded, and task oriented
  • Collaborative, low-drama, solutions-focused
  • Self-directed and self-reliant and able to work in a fast-paced setting with limited resources
  • Bond fund experience is desirable but not essential
  • 3+ years relevant work experience
  • High School Degree or GED is required, college degree and/or equivalent work experience is preferred
  • Proficiency in GSuite applications (Gmail, Google Voice, Google Drive, etc.)

How to Apply:
Please submit a resume and letter of interest to, subject line: (anti)Detention Coordinator - Last name, First name. For the cover letter, please address: 1) Why you are interested in this position; 2) Your experience (work/life/education) that is relevant to the role.