From RFEs to Federal Court: Latest Strategies in Defending Survivors During the Time of COVID

  • U Visas
  • Immigration Court
  • Other Immigration
  • Advocacy

* This is the first, second, and third part in a six-part series (08/03 - 08/04).

Outside the Box Lawyering:  Changing the World in the Time of
COVID (1.50 hours)

Panelists and participants will discuss how to build or improve collaborations of  "unusual allies" at the state and local level, your efforts to intersect with anti-racism movements in your community, and best practices in supporting grassroots movements for social change, including serving as legal observers at movement events.

Updates on Survivors in Removal Proceedings (1.50 hours)

Speakers and participants will discuss the latest strategies in representing survivors in proceedings,  including continuances under Sanchez-Sosa after Mayen and strategies for getting survivors out of proceedings.  We will also discuss the latest approaches to getting survivors back into proceedings (including overcoming reinstatement in front of an IJ) and seeking relief such as VAWA Cancellation of Removal and U visa inadmissibility waivers.

Federal Litigation for Survivors: Yes, You Can Do It! (1.50 hours)

In this session, we will discuss why federal litigation in district court is important and effective in defending immigrant survivors.  Panelists and participants will use examples of possible habeas, mandamus and Administrative Procedures Act strategies to release survivors from detention, protect them from removal and challenge wrongful USCIS application of the law. An interactive "practice" session will help you learn nuts and bolts.

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