Pro Bono: Motivations, Challenges, and Solutions

  • Advocacy

Join our expert faculty as they address:

  • Motivations for pro bono participation
  • Challenges to pro bono participation
  • Pro bono legal services as defined in Model Rule 6.1 and the Model Rule in the context of the survey results
  • Ways in which lawyers can fulfill their aspirational goal of pro bono

A new study, "Supporting Justice: A Report on the Pro Bono Work of America's Lawyers," represents the fourth of a series — and first since 2013. The survey reached out to more than 50,000 attorneys in 24 states, seeking data in such areas as their interest, time spent, and key influencing factors related to pro bono work to determine how the culture of volunteering manifests itself in the legal profession. This program will explore the results of that survey, including motivations and challenges involved in providing pro bono legal services. Panelists will also discuss rules of professional conduct and pro bono models that address some of the challenges raised by respondents.

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