A False Sense of Relief Part II: Asylum in the Trump Era

  • Immigration Policy
  • Political asylum
  • Advocacy

Thousands of immigrants seek asylum at U.S. ports of entry and experience a false sense of relief as they transition through the asylum process, from the detention center to an immigration court hearing. Since the commencement of the Trump Administration, there has been a simultaneous panic and revival in the national legal arena. Immigration policies are rapidly changing, but legal experts are  adapting with tenacious creativity. Immigration law is evolving in the face of opposition, and igniting a new wave of advocacy. As a follow-up to our last webinar on the mental trauma of asylees & refugees, we bring you a panel discussion on recent asylum-related cases (Jennings v. Rodriguez, Amos Yee, etc.) and the disparity of asylum denial rates (i.e., 5th Circuit vs. 9th Circuit). Brought to you by CRSJ's International Human Rights Committee, and co-sponsored by CRSJ's Rights of Immigrants Committee.

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