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Webinar Handout: Working with API Immigrant Survivors: Current Challenges and Advocacy Strategies

  • By: Asian Pacific Institute on Gender-Based Violence, ASISTA, Center for Survivor Agency & Justice
  • Date: 04/01/21

A PDF of the presentation for the April 1, 2021 webinar. 

Mendez Rojas FAQs & Resources (asylum class action)

  • By: Northwest Immigrant Rights Project
  • Date: 03/29/21

Certain asylum seekers who applied for asylum more than one year after they entered the United States, and certain asylum seekers who have already been in the United States over one year and have not yet applied for asylum, may benefit from the settlement agreement. Even asylum seekers who were denied asylum already may benefit from the settlement agreement.

Notes: the deadline for class members to file asylum applications under the terms of the final settlement agreement that would be treated as timely filed for purposes of the one-year deadline was extended to April 22, 2022. The government completely bungled the initial round of notices, so anyone working with clients facing the one year deadline will need to do their own analysis to determine if the person may benefit from the injunction.

Introduction to Litigating Asylum, Withholding of Removal, and Convention Against Torture Claims Before the Courts of Appeals.

  • By: Center for Gender and Refugee Studies
  • Date: 03/29/21

This advisory provides a practical overview of appellate processes and procedures, from filing the petition to review through the issuance of the mandate. While the advisory focuses on Ninth Circuit procedure, much of the content may be relevant for attorneys practicing in other circuits. To access this practice advisory, please fill out our form at this link.

The Invisible Wall: Title 42 and its Impact on Haitian Migrants

  • By: Haitiian Bridge Alliance, The Quixote Center, UndocuBlack Network
  • Date: 03/25/21

"On February 1, 2021, the first day of Black History Month, the U.S. government drastically expanded removals and expulsions to Haiti. Rather than dismantle the Trump Administration’s invisible wall, the Biden-Harris Administration doubled down. More Haitians have been removed per the Title 42 policy in the weeks since President Joe Biden took office than during all of Fiscal Year 2020. The Report provides the narratives of Haitian families who were apprehended at the U.S. Mexico border within the last year under the Title 42 policy and were subject to expulsion to Haiti or Mexico."

EOIR Policy Manual - new search function

  • By: EOIR (Executive Office for Immigration Review)
  • Date: 03/25/21

EOIR released its first interactive Policy Manual on Jan. 13, 2021, to provide a single resource for all of EOIR’s policies. The Immigration Court, Board of Immigration Appeals, and Office of the Chief Administrative Hearing Officer Practice Manuals and all active agency policy memoranda are included.

Practice Advisory for Immigration Advocates: The Biden Administration’s Interim Enforcement Priorities

  • By: Immigrant Defense Project
  • Date: 03/25/21

Immigration practice and strategies for seeking prosecutorial discretion from ICE in custody decisions, removal proceedings, and other contexts.

Practice Pointer Temporary Protected Status

  • By: CLINIC
  • Date: 03/24/21

"Despite the welcome news of these additional TPS designations, many Venezuelan nationals, Burmese nationals, and stateless people who last resided in Venezuela or Burma are currently in removal proceedings or face removal proceedings. This practice pointer addresses common questions that arise for practitioners representing TPS-eligible individuals who are in removal proceedings or facing potential removal proceedings, hold dual nationality, or wish to seek asylum. This practice pointer ends with a discussion of Employment Authorization Document options for Venezuelans."

CGRS Launches TA Library for Asylum Cases

  • By: Center for Gender and Refugee Studies
  • Date: 03/24/21

"The Center for Gender & Refugee Studies (CGRS) is thrilled to announce the launch of our Technical Assistance (TA) Library, a new system for advocates to access our robust repository of resources relevant to asylum, withholding of removal, and Convention Against Torture claims.

Through the TA Library, advocates who register their cases with CGRS will receive immediate access to a tailored library of pertinent litigation support materials, including practice advisories, country conditions research reports, expert declarations, sample case documents, and unpublished Immigration Judge and Board of Immigration Appeals decisions.

The TA Library can be accessed free of charge through CGRS’s case intake form online."

Board of Immigration Appeals and Circuit Court Case Law Chart: Assault-Related CIMTs

  • By: CLINIC
  • Date: 03/19/21

This chart provides a summary of BIA and circuit court case law regarding the crime involving moral turpitude (CIMT) analysis for assault-related offenses. The chart is organized first by jurisdiction (part I) and then by theme (part II).

SIJ Policy Alert (USCIS))

  • By: USCIS
  • Date: 03/18/21

According to the update, USCIS will not:

  • Refuse to consent to a request for SIJ classification because the state court did not sufficiently consider evidence of the petitioner’s gang affiliation when it decided whether to issue a dependency order or when it determined that it was not in the best interest of the child to return to their home country;
  • Use our consent authority to reweigh the evidence the juvenile court considered when it issued the dependency order; or
  • Revoke a petition for SIJ classification because the state court did not consider the petitioner’s gang affiliation when it made its best interest determination.
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