Defund the Surveillance Dragnet: A Conversation on How We Ground Our Work in Our Abolitionist Values

  • Organization: Just Futures Law
  • Date Created: Wednesday, November 24, 2021
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For those who weren’t able to attend the 11/18/21 webinar, find the full video here:

Just Futures Law also released their policy platform yesterday, Defunding the Dragnet. You can check it out here: We’re excited to share the full platform with you all. Our hope is that this document promotes a decarceral, anti-deportation, and surveillance free-agenda, and is used by organizers and policymakers who are actively working to reduce surveillance and criminalization.

Lastly, we are sharing all the amazing resources that our panelists provided during yesterday’s webinar below.

- Our Data Bodies is essential reading:,
- Law students protest over LexisNexis and Thomson Reuters ties to ICE
- Who’s an “expert”? Recent report from Meredith Whitaker on how academia is overly influenced by corporate influences.
- Data for Black Lives Data capitalism project, check it out!
- Data for Black Lives introduction to #NoMoreDataWeapons. Explainer slides for some of the data weapons are on our instagram (@data4blacklives)
- Mijente’s No Tech for ICE resources:
- Mijente’s Report on digital surveillance at the southwest border:
- MediaJustice’s #NoDigitalPrisons and other work:,
- Other e-carceration resources:
More info on Libre by Nexus below, a reminder that electronic monitoring in immigration is about profits not about decreasing people in detention
Freedom To Thrive report:
JFL, Mijente’s report on ICE’s e-carceration programs:

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