Mendez Rojas FAQs & Resources (asylum class action)

  • Organization: Northwest Immigrant Rights Project
  • Document Type: Settlements
  • Date Created: Monday, March 29, 2021
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Certain asylum seekers who applied for asylum more than one year after they entered the United States, and certain asylum seekers who have already been in the United States over one year and have not yet applied for asylum, may benefit from the settlement agreement. Even asylum seekers who were denied asylum already may benefit from the settlement agreement.

Notes: the deadline for class members to file asylum applications under the terms of the final settlement agreement that would be treated as timely filed for purposes of the one-year deadline was extended to April 22, 2022. The government completely bungled the initial round of notices, so anyone working with clients facing the one year deadline will need to do their own analysis to determine if the person may benefit from the injunction.

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