Child Detention Crisis Initiative

  • Organization: Justice in Motion
  • Date Created: Monday, January 04, 2021
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"The Child Detention Crisis initiative is a Justice in Motion program dedicated to freeing migrant children from U.S. immigration detention centers and safely reuniting them with their families. Their network secures vital information and documents U.S. advocates need to reunite children with their loved ones quickly and securely."

Resources include:

A series of fifteen (15) pre-recorded Spanish-language webinars addressing a variety of topics, including family law, repatriation, criminalization of migrant children and their family members, obtaining records, and the child welfare system structure in Central America and Mexico.

Three (3) Expert Declarations pertaining to Family Law in Central America. The declarations are available in their original form, in Spanish, and accompanied by a certified English translation.

An Issue Alert pertaining to informal adoptions in Central America is forthcoming.

  • Immigrant Children
  • Deportation/Removal
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