Domestic and Gang Violence Claims After Matter of A-B-: Reactions to the Case and Strategies for Success

  • Organization: Courtney May and Stephen Yale-Loehr
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  • Date Created: Friday, November 06, 2020
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"This article considers the practical effect of Matter of A-B-. Section I summarizes our research methods and our national survey of immigration attorneys. Section II addresses Matter of A-B-’s effect on case-by-case decision-making in asylum cases. Section III describes how federal courts have interpreted Matter of A-B-. Section IV characterizes interpretations of the case by immigration judges and the Board of Immigration Appeals. Section V identifies strategies for domestic and gang violence claims after Matter of A-B-. Section VI describes a new proposed rule that may further change the post-Matter of A-B- asylum landscape. The article concludes that Matter of A-B– makes asylum claims based on domestic and gang violence more difficult but not impossible."

  • Political asylum