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Children’s Asylum Manual: A Resource for Practitioners

  • By: Center for Gender and Refugee Studies
  • Date: 03/04/21

This manual replaces the 2016 manual and contains four chapters:

  • Chapter One covers select procedural issues related to children’s asylum claims;
  • Chapter Two provides a brief overview of asylum and relevant resources for child-sensitive analyses;
  • Chapter Three, the core of the manual, delves into the substantive legal standards that govern asylum generally and children’s claims in particular, including relevant case law, legal theories, and evidence; and
  • Chapter Four provides a brief overview of withholding of removal and CAT protection and flags other forms of relief to consider.

The manual also provides appendices, including an evidentiary checklist; a chart of successful particular social group formulations in children’s claims; a comparison chart on asylum, statutory withholding of removal, and protection under the Convention Against Torture; a quick reference chart on applicable bars; and a link to sample materials in a child asylum case in immigration court proceedings. 

Request the manual in the link below. 

Higher Education Immigration Portal

  • By: The Presidents' Alliance on Higher Education and Immigration
  • Date: 03/04/21

"A one-stop digital resource with easily navigable state and federal data and information about DACA, undocumented, other immigrant, international, and refugee students, related policies, and best practices."

Watch Out: ICE Might be Tracking your Car

  • By: Immigrant Defense Project
  • Date: 03/04/21

A new community resource on automated license plate readers (ALPRs), on the IDP's KYR page. The resource explains how ICE uses license plates to track individuals and has a KYR section about what to do if ICE stops someone in a car. Spanish is forthcoming. Please share widely!

T Visa Survey (10 minutes)

  • By: Immigrants' Rights and Human Trafficking Program, Boston University School of Law
  • Date: 03/04/21

This is a short and important survey of legal practitioners (lawyers and DOJ accredited representatives) who assist immigrant survivors of trafficking in applying for T-1 visas. The survey should take less than ten minutes of your. Please feel free to distribute to any attorneys working with immigrant survivors of trafficking.

This research is motivated by the underutilization of T-1 visas as confirmed by a recent Congressional Report. T-1 visas, as you know, are an important tool for the protection of immigrant survivors of trafficking. This project is a collaboration with Heba Gowayed, Assistant Professor of Sociology at Boston University.

Adult Adoptees and US Citizenship

  • By: USCIS
  • Date: 03/04/21

This page provides information to foreign-born adults in the United States who were adopted as children and have questions about their U.S. citizenship.

Nightingale v. USCIS Update (FOIA delays)

  • By: NILA, NWIRP, AIC and the Law Offices of Stacy Tolchin
  • Date: 02/24/21

The district court just granted declaratory and injunctive relief in a nationwide class challenge to A-File FOIA delays. The court orders:

  • Declaratory relief due to Defendants DHS, USCIS and ICE’s pattern or practice of failing to make timely A-File FOIA determinations;
  • Injunctive relief permanently enjoining Defendants from further failing to adhere to the statutory deadlines for A-File FOIA requests;
  • That Defendants to make determinations on all backlogged FOIA requests within 60 days; and
  • That Defendants submit quarterly compliance reports to the Court and class counsel going forward.

Practice Advisory: Challenging Delays under the Mandamus Act and the APA

  • By: National Immigration Litigation Alliance, American Immigration Council
  • Date: 02/24/21

This advisory provides basic information about filing an immigration-related delay action in federal district court under both the Mandamus Act and the Administrative Procedure Act (APA). It discusses the required elements of successful mandamus and APA actions as well as the jurisdictional concerns that sometimes arise.

New Asylum Resources

  • By: Center for Gender & Refugee Studies
  • Date: 02/24/21

The Center for Gender & Refugee Studies (CGRS) is pleased to announce the release of several new resources to aid advocates in their asylum cases:

  • Matter of A-B-: Litigation Strategies Update -- February 2021 Update
  • Summary of Regulations Impacting Asylum Seekers
  • Honduras: Country Conditions Documentation Toolkit for Fear-of-Return Claims Based on Harm to Indigenous People
  • Peru: Country Conditions Resource List for Fear-of-Return Claims for Venezuelan Migrants in Peru

To access these resources, please fill out the survey at the link below.

USCIS Announces Plans to Revert to the 2008 Version of the Naturalization Civics Test

  • By: USCIS
  • Date: 02/22/21

"Due to recent policy changes, some applicants required to take the 2020 civics test may now have a choice to take the 2020 test or the 2008 civics test. Please note that after April 19, 2021, USCIS will only offer the 2008 civics test at the initial interview appointment regardless of filing date."

2021 Letter: Criminal Bars to Legalization in H.R. 6, the Dream and Promise Act of 2019

  • By: National Immigration Project / National Lawyers Guild & 275+ Organizations
  • Date: 02/21/21

"We, the undersigned organizations, write to respectfully urge you to amend the criminal bars to eligibility in H.R. 6, the Dream and Promise Act of 2019, to ensure that the bill is more inclusive and that a waiver is available for all grounds of exclusion. We believe these changes are necessary to bring the bill in line with principles of racial justice and fairness."

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