Winning Withholding of Removal and Convention Against Torture Cases

  • Convention Against Torture (CAT)
  • Withholding of Removal

Is your client barred from asylum? If so, this seminar is for you. The expert panelists will address practical tips for how to represent your clients in successful applications for withholding of removal or protection under the Convention Against Torture (CAT).


  • What Are the Requirements for Withholding of Removal Under INA ยง241(b), Withholding of Removal Under CAT, and Deferral of Removal Under CAT?
  • Isn't It Just Like Asylum? Derivatives (or Lack Thereof), Credibility Standards, and the Many Ways That Seeking and Winning Alternative Relief Is Distinct from Asylum
  • How to Prepare Successful Evidence, Experts, and Testimony for a Withholding of Removal or CAT Case
  • Post-Grant Issues: What Happens After Your Client Is Granted Withholding or Deferral of Removal?
  • The Effects of COVID-19 on Withholding of Removal and CAT Cases


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