Acquisition and Derivation of Citizenship

  • Other Citizenship
  • Derivative
  • Acquisition at Birth

* This is a two-part training series (Acquisition 11:00am-1:00pm; Derivation 2:15pm-5:00pm) presenters will provide an overview of the eligibility requirements for acquiring citizenship at birth and deriving citizenship after birth and discuss some of the common obstacles in making these claims. Using exercises, we will walk through how to analyze a client's claim to citizenship through acquisition or derivation.


  • Overview of the process of transmitting U.S. citizenship at birth to a child born abroad
  • Different requirements and criteria for acquisition
  • Step-by-step analysis of some issues that arise in acquisition cases
  • The process derivation process of transmitting U.S. citizenship to a child after birth through the parent(s)' citizenship
  • Requirements for deriving citizenship and common issues
  • How to analyze a derivation claim
  • How to file an N-600


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