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Don't Let Your I-601A Backfire: Dealing with Multiple Unlawful Entries

  • Forms/Fees
  • Waiver of Inadmissibility/Deportation/Removal
  • Inspection/Admission Issues

In this webinar, AILA's panel of experts will provide practical guidance for how to analyze unlawful presence, multiple unlawful entries, and whether your client is eligible for an I-601A waiver. Presenters will explore the benefits that successfully completing the I-601A can have on one's client's status, and the paths toward legal permanent residency it may this may set in motion. Additionally, the panelists will explain which moves could render clients inadmissibile under INA ยง212(a)(9)(C).


  • Calculating periods of unlawful residence
  • Effects of unlawful Presence before April 1, 1997?
  • Minor exception to the accrual of unlawful presence
  •  Prior unlawful entries and non-waivable inadmissibility
  • Eligibility for an I-601A Provisional Waiver
  • Prior Removal Orders and eligible to file an I-601A Waiver


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