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2019 DACA Update: Where Are We Now and What Can We Expect?

  • Deferred Action

Another year has gone by and Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) is still in flux, leaving many clients asking whether anything can be done to help them stay protected. During this seminar, our panelists will discuss the current state of DACA, pending legislation to help DACA recipients, and other immigration options that may be available for those in DACA status. Listen in for all the ways you can help your DACA clients!


  • The Current State of DACA: Who Is Currently Eligible to File, and When Is the Best Time to File DACA Renewals?
  • Legislative Update: Proposals to Protect Dreamers
  • Status of Federal Court Litigation on DACA Termination
  • Screening DACA Clients for Other Forms of Relief, Including Employment-Based, Family, and Humanitarian Visas
  • Best Practices for DACA Recipients Seeking Alternative Relief with an Outstanding Order of Removal


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