Admissibility, Revocation, and Public Health: “Risky” Business

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Visa revocation historically has not been common for employment-based visas: once a visa is secured, the employee’s status is merely monitored. Recently, however, U.S. consulates have revoked visas when an individual is charged (not convicted) with a DUI, claiming that the individual poses a risk to public safety as a potential habitual drunkard. The panelists will examine the public health admissibility issue, attempt to predict what other conduct public health inadmissibility might be expanded to include, and consider ways to protect and advocate for your client.


  • What Does “Public Health Risk” Mean? How Is It Defined?
  • What Sorts of Illnesses or Diseases Fall Within This Definition?
  • What Impact Might Being Deemed a Public Health Risk Have on an Individual’s Ability to Travel or Change/Adjust Status Within the United States?
  • What Conduct Might Fall Within This Category in the Future?
  • How Do You Protect Your Client and/or Advocate Once the Visa Has Been Revoked?


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