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Overview of the New NTA Guidance

  • Detention
  • Forms/Fees
  • Deportation/Removal

Under the new U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services guidance on issuance of Notices to Appear many applicants for immigration benefits are at a higher risk of being placed in removal proceedings. This webinar series will help advocates understand the scope and impact of the new NTA guidance, and discuss how to provide effective counseling to clients about what it means in their individual cases. This is the first webinar in the "USCIS Notice to Appear Guidance" series. 

The presenters will provide an overview of the new Notice to Appear guidance and provide updates on how U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services is implementing it. We will compare the new NTA guidance with previous guidance, highlighting important changes advocates must be aware of. The webinar will also include a discussion of the categories of noncitizens who are affected by the new guidance.


  • Overview of new Notice to Appear guidance
  • Emphasis on new changes and how to practice with them


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