USCIS Implementation of the New NTA Guidance: What We Know So Far

  • Immigration Policy

This webinar will review what we know so far about how U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services is implementing the June 2018 Notice to Appear (NTA)  Guidance, in light of the agency's September 2018 public engagement and webpage updates describing implementation plans. Who does the guidance apply to, and who is not subject to it? How can practitioners analyze current and prospective cases for how they might be treated under the new guidance? How, if at all, might practitioners modify current practices in light of the new guidance? To find out more about how the new guidance affects your clients and your practice, join CLINIC attorneys Michelle Mendez, Rebecca Scholtz and Susan Schreiber for this webinar on the current status of the NTA guidance.


  • Notice to Appear Guidance
  • How to modify current practices to comply with the new NTA Guidance

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