Evaluation Skills for Sharing Successful Immigration Stories

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This course is unique to the field of immigration services and is being presented for only the third time. The curriculum contains vital information of interest to executive and program directors, grant managers, evaluators and funders supporting immigration services. The four-week course identifies complex human needs created by global migration and how U.S.-based nonprofit immigration legal programs respond to such needs with varying service delivery models, legal and otherwise.  The course reveals the wealth of data immigration programs collect about their services and client outcomes.  Different program evaluation methods are presented that can be tailored to fit any immigration program’s desire to improve its practices.   Examples are shared as to how day-to-day data points can be turned into compelling stories about immigration successes locally and nationally in order to gain more stakeholder support and community donations.

This is a detailed look into a nonprofit immigration legal program’s service delivery models and data collection habits revealing how legal services effectively respond to global migration needs strengthening families, local communities and the United States. This course is appropriate for executive directors, program managers, immigration legal representatives, policy advocates and community organizers from a wide range of nonprofit settings.  Funders of immigration services will also benefit from this course as it will reveal the many ways in which philanthropic donations are wisely invested in the United States’ ongoing, successful immigrant integration story.


  • Various types of legal and nonlegal service delivery models
  • Different evaluation methods to improve service provider practices
  • How legal services effectively respond to global migration needs


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