Open “Case Rounds” for Intermediate/Advanced Q & A on U Visas & VAWA

  • Abused Spouses and Children/VAWA
  • U Visas

Please join ASISTA Executive Director Gail Pendleton and Senior Policy Counsel Cecelia Friedman Levin for an interactive “case rounds” webinar on common and emerging intermediate and advanced U and VAWA case issues, including overcoming inadmissibility problems, avoiding removal, responding to RFEs and denials, and strategies for challenging misapplication of the law. We will provide ample time for discussion, include practice pointers and Q & A discussion and strategy sharing throughout, with a significant section for open Q & A and discussion at the end. Bring your tough cases and latest problems!  If you register, we will ask you to send us your questions, concerns and ideas ahead of time so we can organize the conversation.

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