Replying to Ridiculous RFEs in Family-Based Cases: Alice in Wonderland

  • Family
  • Immigration Court

Immigration attorneys are seeing more requests for evidence (RFEs) in family-based cases. Learn strategies from our panel of experts about how to respond to odd RFEs without losing your mind. Featured topics include:

  • A Mad Tea Party: Evidence Already Submitted
  • Down the Rabbit Hole: Bona Fides of Current Marriage and Previously Terminated Marriages
  • Advice from a Caterpillar: Clarification of Information on I-130A
  • Proving Family Relationships: Evidence of Parent-Child Relationship, Proving Sibling Relationships, and Dealing with
  • Complications with Adoptions
  • Alice‚Äôs Evidence: When the Requested Documents Are Not Available
  • INA §245(i) Eligibility-Required Physical Presence

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