Training for Service Providers on President Trump’s Immigration Policy

Thursday January 26

  • By: Legal Aid Justice Center
  • Time: 8:30 AM - 11:00 AM
  • Time Zone: Eastern Time (US & Canada)
  • Location:
    Culmore United Methodist Church
    3400 Charles St
    Falls Church, VA
  • Contact:
    Edgar Aranda-Yanoc
    Legal Aid Justice Center

The new administration of President Trump will likely take a hard line on immigration enforcement in Virginia which could entail a return to the 287(g) agreements between Virginia law enforcement and the Department of Homeland Security, work-site and other widespread raids and a return to detention of immigrants lacking proper identification during routine traffic stops. As such, it is imperative that Virginia’s immigrant communities know and understand how to exercise their rights during interactions with immigration and law enforcement officials.  We are also very concerned about increasing reports of racially targeted bullying of children in Virginia schools. We will discuss what resources currently exist for parents and educators to combat such incidents and how communities can support their efforts. The goal of this training is to educate those who work with the immigrant communities so they are able to provide the best advice possible to people affected by these issues. Having trained organizations and advocates dispersed in the area provides the immigrant community with various points of contact for information on their rights and avenues for help.

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