Administrative Closure: Indefinite Retention and Related Issues

Thursday September 12

  • By: AILA
  • Time: 2:00 PM - 3:30 PM
  • Time Zone: Eastern Time (US & Canada)
  • CLE Credit
  • Location:
    This event takes place telephonically.
    Webinar/Teleseminar, United States

Congratulations! You succeeded in getting your client's removal case administratively closed. Now what? Your client is still technically in removal proceedings, but the case has been put into a deep sleep with no future hearing date. If your client's name is Rip van Winkle, this might make for an amusing story. But for everyone else, the increasingly common use of administrative closure raises novel and challenging questions for immigration practitioners and their clients.
Topics include:

  • Is Admin Closure Right for My Client?
  • Consequences of Refusing Admin Closure (i.e., Negative Discretionary Finding)
  • The Fate of Pending Applications (Asylum, Cancellation, etc.)
  • Employment Authorization and International Travel After Admin Closure
  • Will My Non-DACA Client Get Deferred Action?
  • How to Withdraw Ethically from Admin Closed Cases
  • Restructuring Retainer Agreements to Avoid "Indefinite Retention" in Admin Closed Cases

Invited, not yet confirmed.

  • Scott D. Pollock (dl), Chicago, IL
  • Holly S. Cooper, Davis, CA
  • Elizabeth Holmes, Bloomington, MN

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