"Your First" Series, Part III: The Asylum Interview

Tuesday August 27

  • By: AILA
  • Time: 2:00 PM - 3:30 PM
  • Time Zone: Eastern Time (US & Canada)
  • Location:
    This event takes place online.
    Webinar/Teleseminar, United States

Each seminar in the series features a mock interview or hearing, broken down into smaller segments, where experienced AILA practitioners play the roles of client, interviewer, judge and attorney at various stages of the proceedings. After each interview or hearing segment, the panelists issue-spot, dissect what went wrong or right and recommend how best to prepare your clients for the process. This three-part seminar series is designed for newer immigration practitioners and more experienced practitioners who are looking to expand into new areas of immigration law. This seminar features a mock USCIS asylum interview and panel discussion of the following topics:

  • Burden of Proof (Asylum, Withholding, CAT)
  • The Attorney's Role in the Interview
  • Prepping Your Client
  • Common Pitfalls: EWI and Proving Entry Date, Missed One-Year Deadline, etc.
  • Ethical Issues: False Documents or Statements, and Psychological Problems or Client's Competency
  • Best Resources for Attorneys

Invited, not yet confirmed.

  • Deborah Anker (dl), Cambridge, MA
  • Pamela Goldberg, Washington, DC
  • Judy M. London, Los Angeles, CA

Register by clicking here. If for some reason you need to mail or fax in your registration, you can also download and complete a registration form. If you register online, do not also mail in a registration form. The registration deadline for this seminar is 11:59 pm ET on 8/26/2013.